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Simplifying your Online Systems for a Smooth, Synchronised Operation

There are plenty of online systems available, designed to make your business automated and streamlined. But with so many options, it often feels more like a headache than a helping hand.

I can help you choose the right platform, configure it correctly, integrate it with your other systems and fully test.  All you need to worry about is the content. 

"Sue did a great job on the Membership, was organised, forward thinking and proactive.  I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for extra help.  It is reassuring to know that someone has your back on the tech side when you are focusing on the content."

Let’s get your systems working together for a smarter office solution.

A smooth sales process allows your customers to interact with your business easily, from initial interest, through purchasing and on to a positive follow up. Any hiccup in the process can leave a poor sense of service that turns away future business.

Visually your sales funnel may seem simple, flowing from:
Customer Awareness of your product : Engagement : Discovery : Purchase

However, it’s the smooth integration of systems that ensures customers come back again and again.

Webpages providing service detail (e.g. WordPress), linked to Payment Gateways for purchasing (e.g. Paypal or Stripe), with integrated mailing to provide the customer with invoices, purchase information, delivery confirmation (Active Campaign or MailChimp) and, importantly, internal confirmation to you that payment has been received and services ordered.

Gaps in your Processes can be Costly

Sales Funnels

Creating an effective sales funnel needs more than just great wording and design. Customer experience depends on smooth function and simple payment options.

My Sales Funnel packages:

- Build an effective platform for your content

- Integrate your funnel with your preferred payment option and website

- Fully tested 

- Complete support

- Optional business support in identifying your upselling opportunities

Digital Marketing

Whatever your preferred marketing method, you need coordinated software that’s simple to set up and launch your campaigns.

I’ll help you

- Create templates for repeat use/newsletters

- Set up autoresponders

- Integrate your mailing system

- Import data

- Provide guidance on being GDPR compliant

Customer Support

Your systems are set up, your office is automated – but that doesn’t mean it’s plain sailing. Software updates cause yesterday’s smooth operation to become today’s headache.

- Customer access issues

- Customer support and assistance

- Ongoing technical support for both you, and your customers. 

No matter what your online issues, you are not alone.

Flexible packages available, giving you total control, from a helping hand to done for you! 

Book a discovery call today and take that first step to getting your business online..

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