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Helping you to develop your initial content into a fully online, integrated and growing business.

Digital Support for your Online Learning Platform

Take your expertise online for the next step in your business evolution

As a specialist in your field, creating a course or membership programme to share your expertise is an essential part of your business growth. But once you have the material, how do you take it online?

Taking it step by step, whether you are looking for full setup and build of your online offering or just a helping hand when you need it, I have a solution for you.

Not chosen a platform yet, then lets choose the right solution for your membership site or learning mangement system.

Complete support to develop your online business

As an online Business Consultant I can:

- support you in developing your membership plan

- help you to understand the different Learning Management Platforms available and select the right choice for your business

- create the templates for your material and upload your content

- integrate your chosen platform with your existing website

- integrate payment facilities and email

- incorporate single access or subscription options

- support you in developing your membership options to the next level

Bluebell Busioess Solutions Figure
Learning Management Systems and MNembership Sites

You provide the content

Combine video, presentations, interactive quizes and written content into polished, professional online learning, with various levels of access for your customers. 

One time purchases, monthly memberships, tiered schemes – you’ll have complete control and plenty of room to expand your portfolio with the right platform.

Already online?

Ensure your platforms are fully maintained, updated and supported, so your clients get the very best experience.

If you’re planning your future, offering online learning opportunities and creating room to grow, I’m here to support you and your customers all the way

Which industries can I help?

Simply put, any of them. 

I’ve worked with fitness coaches and marketing professionals, holistic and wellbeing practitioners, ballet teachers and photographers, yoga instructors and personal development coaches.

The content is your speciality, the technical and software integration is mine.

"I’m an “ideas person” and I’ve not an had idea yet that Sue couldn’t implement. She keeps track of MULTIPLE competing priorities and ALWAYS ensures that it all gets done on time and extremely well."

Ongoing support

Developing your learning platform or membership site is only the start of your online journey.

Together we’ll look at future growth plans for your business such as affiliate schemes or select ongoing technical support for your business and your clients.  

The only limits are your content!

"I have worked with Sue for nearly a year now and she has helped me set up and service my online membership inside New Kajabi.   Sue has also helped me set up webinars, run challenges and deal with queries from clients"

Flexible packages available, giving you total control, from a helping hand to done for you! 

Book a discovery call today and take that first step to getting your business online..

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