We all love our businesses and we want to see them succeed. But to grow, we have to try new methods, update existing practice and keep up with the digital world.

Bluebell Business Solutions is here to help your business evolution.

I love to work with small, growing businesses who want to take content online. I specialise in working with Learning Management Systems and integrating platforms to support your customer servicing – and helping you take control of your digital development.

If your business needs experienced office management and digital support, I’m here to help.
It was back in 2013 that I started to think about a change of direction, having worked in large UK companies for most of my career, it simply did not fit with my values or indeed a family lifestyle, with number 3 having been born the year before. When the chance of redundancy came along I took it and so in 2014 my journey began, after some research I discovered an increasing reference to Virtual Assistants, whilst highly popular in the US, in the UK it seemed to be a fairly new concept.

Starting as a generalist I quickly discovered that whilst I understood systems and technology, there were many that didn't.  
With my background in IT, Business Processes, Administration and Training, helping businesses with there systems, content and support was the ideal opportunity, it also supported my goal to work with small buinesses.

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Although I have a passion for systems and believe they can be a great asset to your business I respect that the system has to work for you, so if you need to take things slowly or even stick with a good old notebook in places, thats fine too.
Its important to me that we work as a partnership, and I get to know you and your business.  

Like wise you need to be able to trust me, security of your business data is paramount.  I am registered with the ICO and well cconversent in GDPR. 
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