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I describe Sue as my right hand woman and to be honest she is my right hand because my business (and me) would be in a sorry state without her.

I’m an “ideas person” and I’ve not an had idea yet that Sue couldn’t implement. She keeps track of MULTIPLE competing priorities and ALWAYS ensures that it all gets done on time and extremely well.

When I decided to move my e-learning platform to Teachable she took full ownership and managed the transfer seamlessly. She deals with all my “tech” behind the scenes. 

Automation, Integration, email funnels, tags etc. It’s all done without me having to think about it.

As a busy business owner Sue is the answer to a prayer. Hire her!!! 

Julia Bernard Thompson

I have worked with Sue for nearly a year now and she has helped me set up and service my online membership inside New Kajabi. 

Sue has also helped me set up webinars, run challenges and deal with queries from clients. Sue is a reliable VA and is always on hand to help.

She is particularly responsive to tasks that require a quick turnaround. She is an unflappable presence and is proactive in finding a solution to a problem even when it is something she has not dealt with before.

I would recommend Sue to anyone who is looking for help on the tech side of their business.

Sarah Aspinall

Sue at Bluebell Business Services is a technical guru. 

When I moved my business to an on-line platform I honestly couldn’t have managed without her patience, skills, expertise and support. 

Not only did she prioritise my work to fit in with my timescales and launch deadline, she was able to efficiently resolve every single technical challenge we faced along the way co-ordinating across multiple on-line platforms, such that we now have smooth and seamless back-end systems in place for my business. 

I cannot thank you enough Sue. You’re fabulous!

Bernadette Sarginson

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